How do Companies Hang their NEMA Enclosures: Mystery Demystified?

How do Companies Hang their NEMA Enclosures: Mystery Demystified?, Mystery Demystified, NEMA Enclosures
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How to mount Nema 4x enclosures

As we go along 2019, I just decided recently to let go of my previous experience in gardening and start afresh and anew. Instead of cultivating them in my own backyard, I decided to buy plants instead. I am not sure what is with my hand but I can’t properly grow a seed. Maybe it’s the weather? But there are times where I ended up with 13 tomato plants and nothing else. I have purchased other seeds but I am not successful with them. It is a total hit or miss thing. Together with a group of friends, we decided to go to garden shopping. I decided to tag along when I heard they were planning to go on a shopping spree and when I see those beautiful plants, I decided to buy them instead.

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In conclusion, I am glad that I bought plants. In other areas of life, there is a lot of stuff that can still appear good given the correct circumstances of the situation.

For example, there is the gasketed enclosures that different companies manufacture. Especially the WA, WP, and WP enclosures. These cases do not have molded gaskets on the flanges.  Does this mean that you cannot hang these enclosures? Of course not! Not at all! There are companies that can offer you optional mounting flange kits that can be easily attached or installed if you have an application that would be needing a hanging electronics enclosure. You can attach the flange kits externally on the electronics enclosure. There are different mounting options, floor, wall, free standing, even they can offer mobile wheel to move enclosure easier. Different mounting kits are offered depends on different type and material of particular enclosure. For example, the company usually offer wall mount, floor mount, free-standing, mobile wheel unit with NEMA 4x enclosures, also NEMA 3r, 4 and 12. Because they are usually used as a server rack cabinets.

There are several options to choose from – there are also varying colors of flange kits that are available. Both in dark or light gray, whichever series you purchase to make sure that the kits will match the color of your enclosure.