Using CNC Machine for Customizing Electronic Enclosures

Using CNC Machine for Customizing Electronic Enclosures

In making an electronic enclosure, there should be fully dimensioned illustration and drawings. These are very important in making sure that the customized NEMA electrical enclosures you are asking them to make is perfectly fit to your equipment. The exact measurements should be given to make sure that your component will fit inside the enclosure and you need to clearly communicate these measurements to the enclosure manufacturing company.

However, what will happen if there are no available dimensioned drawings?

If the company has no available drawings to illustrate the dimensions for their needed enclosure, they should not worry. There are companies that offers various options for them to make enclosures based on the specifications given by any company without the need for drawings.

The companies can send a board containing information that the trained team of experts from enclosure manufacturing company can assess. There are companies that can help in narrowing down which enclosure can perfectly suit a company’s needs. There is the dedicated team of engineers that can tell which hole placement and sizes that are needed to make the plan happen. The company just need the information included in the board such as types of switches, and cables that will be used in the enclosure.

Even if the company does not have an available sample to be sent to the enclosure manufacturing company, they should inquire if sending a 2D or 3D file of the board will do. The manufacturing company can do cross referencing with their product line. With this, they can quote the price and do necessary modifications without having the physical board.

There are also manufacturing companies that has available drawings in 2D and 3D file formats and they sometimes offer these drawings to their customers for download. The company should verify this with the manufacturing company so that there will be clearer instructions on the things that are needed to be done in terms of enclosure design.

In addition to this, there are companies that send samples modified by hand. However, there are rough cuts and the sample looks kind of awful but with these manufacturers can cost how much the material and labor will be. Even just by having these kind of samples.

But if a company would like to have a plastic enclosure made and they would like to make a hand-made sample, they should not bother because there might be splinters produced when a person tries to drill through the plastic. Instead, they should submit a sketch together with the modifications. The engineer can simply draw the box and make a mark in a square hole and round hole on the end. The couple slots can also act as vents on top. The skilled technicians form the manufacturing plants can easily quote the cost of the enclosure with just a sketch.