What does the High Heat do in Spring and Electronics Enclosure?

What does the High Heat do in Spring and Electronics Enclosure?

In line with the spring decided to give us a small sneak peak on what mother earth has in store for us, I have decided to write about the plastic material description and what types of these materials should be used on higher heat materials. Especially with the high heat weather, it is important for us to be knowledgeable on this aspect.

The ABS material has set a melting point of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. If a design engineer is planning on a project that has the potential to have an above temperature than 176 degrees Fahrenheit, you will have to take a look on a very heat resistant material. We should start with Noryl®.

This material is a modified Polyphenylene Oxide which constitutes a very good high and low temperature performance that has a wide range of temperature from -40 degrees F to 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that this material will be able to withstand the super high temperature but it also have a very high impact. It also has a very good mechanical strength, and it can only mean that the products that are being molded using this material can resist and be able to maintain the integrity of some potential accidents. Such as low drops or other forms of abuse.

Also, in addition to this, this material has a very excellent stability under very heavy load. It can also protect the equipment from a possible collapse that can happen under weight and pressure. One of the major downfalls of this material is that it can be weakened just by using a petroleum. Therefore, once a petroleum-based products touched this material, it can lose its integrity. It should not come near close to a Noryl® fixture. Products like these suh as coolants or some cutting oils should be petroleum free.

Regardless of this, the Noryl® is a very efficient and easy to work with material. Because it can give a whole wide variety of different fabricating options that also includes the thermoforming, ultrasonic sealing, and bonding. Also including is the CNC machining of this specific material can result to a very clean and smooth cuts to be able to increase the professional appearance of the finished product. Because of the heightened material cost, several plastic molders can apply a additional surcharge for using this material and companies can require minimum quantity orders.

All about IP Protection Rating: What Rating can I Use?

All about IP Protection Rating: What Rating can I Use?

Just recently, a very close friend of mine decided that she wants to sell some of her stuff. These are the things in her house she thinks she does not need anymore. One of the items she owned was a custom-tailored dress that she had made for a very special occasion. For me it was a very beautiful night gown with a very unique and pretty sense of style. For me, my friend is a fashion icon of her own right.

She utilized elements and colors that she saw from different gown styles that can fit her body type and her taste in fashion. She had them all mashed up into one. Since it is a custom dress that had to be taken and repaired for a few times, she is now having a hard time on deciding how she can advertise the dress? She is not sure what style her dress shows now because of different ideas rolled into one. With this, I suggested that she states in her advertisement when was the last time dress was won and for what occasion it was used.

There are also other things in life we find it hard to put the right title on it. There are items that are hard to designate a title with. While there are things that are created with a specific purpose and intention in mind, it does not mean that they have formal certifications. This also holds true when it comes to the electronics enclosure.

There are enclosure series produced by companies that are coming from specific characteristics the designers had in mind. They wanted and desired to have an enclosure that can meet the IP66 standards. This means that their electronics enclosure should be able to protect the equipment from the water and dust ingress that can protect and shield the electronics effectively inside the enclosure.

Little did they know that the IP ratings of enclosures can be greatly affected by the way the enclosures were machined. While it makes a lot of sense the the whole idea behind the IP66 is that the water should be prevented from entering and getting inside the electronics. While machining a hole for customization purposes can potentially allow the water inside the enclosure and it can bring great harm to the equipment housed inside. This can create a new opening and there are potential ways to circumvent and damage the rating.

This is the main reason why some of the enclosure manufacturing companies cannot certify their enclosure design because they will go against the standard IP rating definitions because some of the characteristics will be totally compromised. Because they know that the need to machine the equipment is depending on the need for accommodating certain connectors and cables for the equipment. At this point, the rating is no longer valid.

There are cable glands available to prevent the water from entering the enclosure. Just ask the company you are sending your inquiry to if they have one of these available. It can help your equipment be protected from possible water ingress.

How do Companies Hang their NEMA Enclosures: Mystery Demystified?

How do Companies Hang their NEMA Enclosures: Mystery Demystified?

As we go along 2019, I just decided recently to let go of my previous experience in gardening and start afresh and anew. Instead of cultivating them in my own backyard, I decided to buy plants instead. I am not sure what is with my hand but I can’t properly grow a seed. Maybe it’s the weather? But there are times where I ended up with 13 tomato plants and nothing else. I have purchased other seeds but I am not successful with them. It is a total hit or miss thing. Together with a group of friends, we decided to go on garden shopping. I decided to tag along when I heard they were planning to go on a shopping spree and when I see those beautiful plants, I decided to buy them instead.

A good friend of mine told me that she was able to grow a pineapple sage and it was really yummy! On a second thought, I kind of think that it tastes like a sweet pineapple. That’s why I decided to buy one. The only herb that I could ever think of growing, is basil! That’s the only herb I was able to take care of. I am so proud of myself that I think my basil is better than my friend’s sage!

All in all, I had a good shot at growing my garden beautifully just a few months after the new year. There were already several harvests that I have already done and it totally surprised me when I was able to grow egg plants. Which on my end and my worst thumb, it is difficult to do so. My area also kind of put me in a situation where it is hard growing an eggplant.

So I would say that if you want a garden, start by buying plants instead of starting from growing seeds. Well, at least I did not end up growing 13 tomato plants for the past few months but I am proud to say I was able to grow plants with can grow beautifully in my garden.

In conclusion, I am glad that I bought plants. In other areas of life, there are a lot of stuff that can still appear good given the correct circumstances of the situation.

For example, there is the gasketed enclosures that different companies manufactures. Especially the WA, WP, and WP enclosures. These cases do not have molded gaskets on the flanges.  Does this mean that you cannot hung these enclosures? Of course not! Not at all! There are companies that can offer you optional mounting flange kits that can be easily attached or installed if you have an application that would be needing a hanging electronics enclosure. You can attach the flange kits externally on the electronics enclosure.

There are several options to choose from – there are also varying colors of flange kits that are available. Both in dark or light gray, whichever series you purchase make sure that the kits will match the color of your enclosure.

Using CNC Machine for Customizing Electronic Enclosures

Using CNC Machine for Customizing Electronic Enclosures

In making an electronic enclosure, there should be fully dimensioned illustration and drawings. These are very important in making sure that the customized NEMA electrical enclosures you are asking them to make is perfectly fit to your equipment. The exact measurements should be given to make sure that your component will fit inside the enclosure and you need to clearly communicate these measurements to the enclosure manufacturing company.

However, what will happen if there are no available dimensioned drawings?

If the company has no available drawings to illustrate the dimensions for their needed enclosure, they should not worry. There are companies that offers various options for them to make enclosures based on the specifications given by any company without the need for drawings.

The companies can send a board containing information that the trained team of experts from enclosure manufacturing company can assess. There are companies that can help in narrowing down which enclosure can perfectly suit a company’s needs. There is the dedicated team of engineers that can tell which hole placement and sizes that are needed to make the plan happen. The company just need the information included in the board such as types of switches, and cables that will be used in the enclosure.

Even if the company does not have an available sample to be sent to the enclosure manufacturing company, they should inquire if sending a 2D or 3D file of the board will do. The manufacturing company can do cross referencing with their product line. With this, they can quote the price and do necessary modifications without having the physical board.

There are also manufacturing companies that has available drawings in 2D and 3D file formats and they sometimes offer these drawings to their customers for download. The company should verify this with the manufacturing company so that there will be clearer instructions on the things that are needed to be done in terms of enclosure design.

In addition to this, there are companies that send samples modified by hand. However, there are rough cuts and the sample looks kind of awful but with these manufacturers can cost how much the material and labor will be. Even just by having these kind of samples.

But if a company would like to have a plastic enclosure made and they would like to make a hand-made sample, they should not bother because there might be splinters produced when a person tries to drill through the plastic. Instead, they should submit a sketch together with the modifications. The engineer can simply draw the box and make a mark in a square hole and round hole on the end. The couple slots can also act as vents on top. The skilled technicians form the manufacturing plants can easily quote the cost of the enclosure with just a sketch.

Safety First with Flame Rated Plastic Enclosures

Safety First with Flame Rated Plastic Enclosures

There was an incident that a one-year-old black lab found a cord and started chewing it. Actually, this dog can just chew anything as long as it has a cord on it. Once the owner gets near the area, the pet waits until the owner fell into sleep. However, eventually this chewing habit of the dog can place the pet into very dangerous scenarios. If the dog decides on chewing the power cord on the space heater, it can be dangerous even fatal to him. If the chords are just dangling all around, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the chords away from the dog. This has got you thinking, what should be the safety precautions the owner should have to keep the dog safe?

Today, almost every equipment come with its safety guideline. Such as “don’t use the hair dryer in or near the bath tub.” It can be as simple as “Keep toys with small pieces away from children under the age of 3.” And for some packaging, “contents under pressure; do not puncture.”

With this in mind, the enclosure manufacturing companies should put safety first by making molds for the enclosures using a UL certified material. The majority of the enclosures should meet the UL’s best flame rating of 94-5VA for its standards. These specific ratings should make sure that the enclosures are of quality and they should be displayed on the website of the manufacturer. In addition to this, they should only use quality and good materials so that these standards can be met. The product information is also there to provide and give the customers the proper enclosure information to help them start the designing process.

Primarily, to help in the assessment of the UL rating, the flame rating is used to help engineers determining the appropriate usage of plastic enclosures as a part of the equipment and supplies in order to give the safety guidelines for the environment in which the enclosure can be properly or safely used.

Let us dive in closely on what the flame rating is all about and how it can be identified.

The UL flame rating of UL 94 should be able to measure and determine the flammability of one plastic material. There are two different testing mechanism to help in identifying the right measurement. At the beginning, the first measures the ability of the enclosure to be able to extinguish the flame once it is ignited. The second digit helps in identifying the ignition resistance of the enclosure for them to identify electrical ignition resources. This rating is now determined basing on the set of variable factors and it can be scored accordingly. The different factors are:

• Burning rate should be identified using the measurement in number and inches/minute basing on the thickness of the material burning

•  The material should stop burning even before the flame will be able to reach a specified mark.

• The material should not burn with flaming combustion more than the set specific number of seconds.

•  The material being burned should not drip.

•  The material should not be destroyed within the area of the flame.

Obvious Similarities of an Enclosure and a Flamenco

Obvious Similarities of an Enclosure and a Flamenco

The dance lessons continue and I’m learning more than I thought I would. Really, I always assumed it was one or two moves and then just add in some flair, like dips or a fancy foot move. But no, there are STEPS to these dances. And one must know them in a specific order, from start to finish, so that as part of a couple, he or she can lead or be led. Blows my mind really. So are there other processes in life that we must follow exact steps in order to correctly complete the process? Why, I’m glad you asked. Yes, yes there are.

It is surprising to know that are obvious similarities of Flamenco to an enclosure. Actually almost all form of dances is similar to the process of building an enclosure. Dancing is not akin to just forming the steps and just adding extra poses to make it brilliant. The dancer should know how to give the steps and dance gracefully by order. There is no brilliant thing that is done overnight. There are crucial steps that are needed to take in order to lead the dance and be able to finish it gracefully. This is just really amazing when you think that in also in life, you need to take slow processes for you to master the exact steps and be ready to make and complete what it is needed to be done.

With this in mind, I would like to help you understand this by illustrating how a plastic enclosure’s lid is secured by following these steps. For your reference, here are the steps below:

1. First, arrange the screws on the cover and seal them by threading them through the cover holes. There are different holes for different types of screws. For the enclosure cover, it accommodates WA, WC, & WP series. These are considered to be captive screws that is primarily made for stainless stell.

2. After the first step is done, this is the time to have the cover placed over the base or the bottom half of the enclosure. Then arrange the screws or align on the cover over the corresponding holes on the base.

3. Have the screws loosely assembled in the cover in sequence until the screws are already finger tight.

4. Have the screws tighten up to a torque of 8-inch pounds. To achieve a better accuracy, use a torque screw.

5. To make sure that the sealed joint is tight enough and the gasket covered is properly aligned, inspect everything. It should be aligned with the lip in the body. For the 4-hole covers, the engineer should have the middle of the cover be squeezed tight against the base of the enclosure. There are times that when doing this on a larger enclosure you will hear a snap noise. Do not worry because this is a normal scenario and it just indicates that the sealing lip in the base is now properly seated and aligned with the cover gasket.

What does Trade Agreement happen Between Advances Amidst Tariffs

In today’s United States government, the trump administration made success in the conclusion of negotiations happened last September 30. This is the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA). The agreement was hastened its notifications to Congress on October 16 because of its intention to enter into new trade talks together with the European Union, Japan, and United Kingdom.

Because of these agreements and happenings – there are four actions that were already set in motion. 60 days till USMCA will be signed and this also happened 90 days before there are new proposed negotiations that will take place. Whilst reviewing the terms included in the USMCA agreement, NEMA is now on the verge of consulting with its members their objectives for the EU, UK, and Japan talks. All of these are happening while there are navigating tariffs that helps in the importation of steel, Chinese-made products, equipment, & components as well as aluminum.

In line with this, there economic espionage happening. Last November 1, the then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray made an announcement that there has been new broad initiatives taking place to contradict the impact of the criminal economic activity started by China.

“The Chinese government is determined to acquire American technology, and they’re willing [to] use a variety of means to do that—from foreign investments, corporate acquisitions, and cyber intrusions to obtaining the services of current or former company employees to get inside information,” said the then FBI director.

“If China acquires an American company’s most important technology—the very technology that makes it the leader in a field—that company will suffer severe losses, and our national security could even be impacted. We are committed to continuing to work closely with our federal, state, local, and private sector partners to counter this threat from China,” Wray concluded.

In line with this, the senior of the Justice Department official told NEMA the main tool for the interagency integration initiative is no other than prosecution brought about by certain individuals and companies in case there is a trade-secret theft. One of the efforts given for the expansion of the prosecutions were under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. As well as there is an existing implementation happening together with the Treasury Department. The said department is now under the new Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act. This helps the government to expand and increase its authority on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.

The Partnership between NEMA & SASO regarding Collaboration on Certain Standards

The Partnership between NEMA & SASO regarding Collaboration on Certain Standards

The President of the NEMA organization and the Chief Executive Officer CEO Kevin J. Cosgriff, has recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh last October to close and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) on a Technical Cooperation Program (TCP). This meeting’s agenda is to have a discussion about the TCP and the potential opportunities that can be created if the partnership takes place. Mr. Cosgriff met with Dr. Saad Othman Al-kasabi, the governor of SASO discussed the role of the latter in making sure that the safety of Saudi Arabians when using end-products such as consumer products, transportation, as well as infrastructure. 

The TCP also outlines how the NEMA and SASO can effectively work together as a team to make this happen. The NEMA also granted SASO an open access to the former’s standards and publication journals so that SASO will be able to carefully study them and make them as their reference in their production and processes. SASO has been given the privilege to access to this wonderful opportunity but these comes with expansive set of responsibilities on Saudi Arabia’s government end. This also includes the safety of the final users of transportation servies as well as the electrical standards in making sure that these sectors perform well. The TCP however should foster the relationship happening between the two organizations that will also allow NEMA to be able to effectively assist SASO in terms of its Standards developing process. 

Ever since, SASO has MOUs with only a handful of other organizations who are also concerned about this matter. This TCP will greatly enhance the partnership between NEMA and SASO, and this will also make sure that the end users in the kingdom can be granted access to quality, genuine, and good products only applicable to its electrical infrastructure. 

In conclusion, NEMA made an agreement with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Market Access Consortium (KSAMAC) that is geared in maintaining the fair market access to the kingdowm by efficiently working directly with other companies concerned in the country, SASO, the United States Trade Representative’s Office, and the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia. 

The Integrations of Increased Growth in Renewable & Distributed Resources

The Integrations of Increased Growth in Renewable & Distributed Resources

In today’s news, there has been a recent conclusion from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that we are on the right track in seeing the global temperatures currently rising by 1.5°C as early as 2030. With the recent United States government headed by President Trump, the latest National Climate Assessment also tells us that the absence of great reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases, the consequences of which (in terms of its annual economic consequences) is projected to reach by hundreds of billions of dollars at the end of this century. 

However, until recently, the sector of electricity was proven to be the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States alone. Though the combination of significant reductions and improved energy efficiency derived from the renewable and natural-gas generation has started to make the electricity sector emissions decline by a good 28% since last 2005. It is also cost-effective. However, this does not totally eliminate the problem. According to IPCC, the emissions in form of carbon dioxide gases should be reduced by 45% compared to the 2010 level for the next 12 years. This is to avoid the worst effect of climate changes happening around the globe. This will also likely requires the implementation of the electrification on other parts of the US economy. Specifically in the transportation sector which then now is United States’ main source of greenhouse gas emissions. 

In line with this and regardless of the big challenges ahead, the existing technology helps in the overall reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions. We now find that the solar generation has been continuously growing at good exponential rates. And it now produces as much as 60& to 70% of total electricity consumption in different & diverse markets such as California and the Southwest Power Pool. 

By repeating the mindless mantra that says “the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow all the time” it helps in the ignoring of the technologies we currently have today that addresses the different variability of the renewable energy resources. For example, some of the operational protocols and the coordination happening between greater regionals produces smoothened ebbs and flows of different variability in generation technologies. This also helps in the accommodation in different fluctuations happening in various demands. Also, the energy storage technologies existing today (such as batteries, pumped hydro, and compressed air) have the potential to increase the flexibility of the grid and it greatly reduces the electricity cost being produced during peak periods. 

In contrast to this, there is no possibility to achieve a decarbonized electric generation sector without the presence of a robust grid. Even if the United States possesses some of the best renewable energy resources there is, these are often placed on remote locations. The accessibility of these will require a significant investment that should happen in the long-haul transmission facilities. The development of these interregional transmission in the infrastructure has posted great potential in delivering billions of dollars worth in savings brought to consumers. Because of the reduction in congestion and releasing recent renewable projects trapped in synergy queues across United States. 

Different Ways on how to Leverage and Use the Power of Grid in Transitions

Different Ways on how to Leverage and Use the Power of Grid in Transitions

With the recent developments in the technology today, there is a transition that is happening from the perspective of a predictable grid – these comes with one of the few sources of energy that is happening when we monitor some of the control points to come up with a new dynamic monitoring system and control points. With this in mind, there are three categories in which we can effectively change the motivation for this transition: 

  1. the consumers’ low and decreased acceptance for power outages 
  1. the onset of increase in importance of cybersecurity 
  1. And the community’s genuine desire to have the employment of more renewable energy resources that can be used for electricity and consumption. 

With this in mind, these changes will definitely require greater effort from the grid and its other supporting systems. One of the most successful models in the resilience of yet flexible system is the existence of the internet. The architects are designed to withstand the definite losses of some of the network segments while continuing the main functionalities. 

As the community works for the global utility of the customers, we are now seeing many utilities that are starting to rethink and reshape the modern smart grid requirements. The emergence of this from the architectural construct is to meet the new divergent requirements while maintaining the most fundamental principles such as safety and reliability. 

However, in similarity of the internet, some of the modular federation of the existing microgrids from the architectural models increases its resilience to come up with broad possibilities in any given situation. Even if there are segments of the electrical and information networks that are now being non-operational. With this in mind, some of the microgrids are determined to have interconnection sections included in the grid even if there are intended to act within the central coordination. But this enables the said function to function locally especially when there are reconfigurations happening even if there are isolations caused by certain events. 

In some of the urban and suburban locations, reconfigurations are most common. However, while in rural, island or some developing areas. The existing sub systems may be isolated (electrically or from the central data communications) 

One of the main elements included in this transition is both of the electrical network and its other supporting information of network are now started to become more modular than ever. Each component should be able to stand the reconfiguration or the potential loss that may occur between the central connections. The effort should be continued even the functionality in the safest manner or way. 

As for the electrical grids that are becoming more diverse and dynamic, the support information and networks has now started to become even more mission-critical. During the isolation, some of the microgrids can now leverage the peer-to-peer communications and some of the distributed energy resources can now respond very quickly to ever-changing local conditions.